Judge Says Chris Brown Should Remain In Rehab, Avoids Going To Jail

Since Sunday, the celebrity/entertainment world has been a busy one. So, most of you probably didn’t even know there was a chance of Chris Brown going to jail yesterday! Although, I guess it’s probably safe to assume there is always a chance of Chris Brown going to jail.

A prosecutor asked a judge on Monday to take Brown into custody over the misdemeanor assault case that was filed against the singer last year. However, the judge working the case turned down the request and said that Brown should remain in the treatment facility.

According to the judge, Chris Brown is making progress in there and the judge doesn’t want to see all the hard work go to waste. As you all know, Brown has had some serious anger issues ever since he beat the sh-t out of Rihanna back in 2009. He’s still on probation over the attack.


Brown has been receiving help since November when the judge working the case ordered him to 90 days in the treatment facility.

Even though Chris Brown is in rehab working on himself, he’s still finding time to take disgusting pictures with his girlfriend.

Gross. I thought they would have strict rules in rehab, and I thought “No tongue sucking!” would be one of the first ones.