Selena Gomez Back To Drinking Alcohol Just Weeks After Rehab Stint (PHOTO)

Selena Gomez was just in rehab a few weeks ago to treat her addiction to alcohol and prescription drugs, and now it appears that she is already back to her old ways.

As you may remember, the 21-year-old singer left rehab after only two weeks. Doctors informed her that she needed to stay there a full six weeks to complete the program, but she insisted that she had already been healed.

However, a new photo Gomez posted on her Instagram proves that she and alcohol are still best friends.

She captioned the picture, “Extra whip cream please! Dessert before dinner. Duh.”


Smart thinking. Fill your beverages up with whip cream and maybe people won’t even notice all the alcohol underneath it! After all the news about her alcohol problems, you’d think she would refrain from posting pictures like this to her Instagram account.

She probably thinks this is a way to show the world she can handle her alcohol. However, all it really shows is that she clearly should have spent more time in rehab. Alcohol is obviously a problem for her, and there is only one way to fix that problem.

Stop drinking alcohol!

It’d be like an overweight person on a diet posting a photo to Instagram of an empty sleeve of Oreos, “Dessert before dinner guys! Only 150 more pounds to go!”

It just doesn’t make sense.