Sorry Guys! Nude Photo Of Emma Stone Is Completely Fake!

You know that nude photo of Emma Stone going around the internets lately? The one that shows a girl who looks a lot like Emma Stone fully nude in her bathroom?

Well, it’s not Emma Stone. This doesn’t mean you still can’t pretend it’s Emma Stone, but we’re just warning you that the picture is a fake. You can view the fake picture by clicking here. As you can see, it really does look a lot like the 25-year-old actress. Sources tell TMZ that the picture is totally fake.

And if you don’t believe the sources, maybe you’ll believe a few Redditors who pointed out the obvious. They pointed out that the picture does not show Emma’s tattoos on her wrist or the little mole on her stomach.


Sorry, folks. I wish I had better news for you. I don’t believe Emma Stone has showed her breasts in any of her movies, so it looks like we’ll just have to be patient. However, there are several classy photos of Emma Stone that show off her beauty without revealing her boobies to the world.

You see, guys! We don’t have to be creepy 24/7. Sometimes it’s nice to appreciate a lady who leaves a little to the imagination.