Kim Kardashian Goes Off On Twitter Rant, Says Her Butt Is 100% Real!

Kim Kardashian has had enough! After multiple stories came out about her having “fat injections” in her butt. There was also this wonderful headline by InTouch Weekly, “Kim’s Diet Disaster…My Butt Won’t Stop Growing!” I’m not sure who writes their headlines, but they should get a raise for being fantastic.

Anyway, Kim Kardashian is no stranger to being in the tabloids. The 33-year-old reality star can usually ignore the rumors, but not when it comes to her butt and her weight. She took to Twitter yesterday and wrote the rant you see down below…


“I’m seeing all these nonsense tabloids claiming I have butt implants-injections. Get a life! Using pics of me 15lbs skinnier (before I had my baby) comparing to me now! I still have weight to lose. Anyone who has had a baby knows how hard it is to lose weight(especially the last bit of weight) & your body totally changes!

Making fun of me pregnant & making fun of me trying to lose weight now shame on you. I’m not perfect but I will never conform to your skinny standards sorry! Not me. And BTW I’ve lost a lot so far & I’m proud of that! Don’t give young girls a complex!”

You tell ’em! F–k them and their stupid stories. We all know the only injections you are getting in your butt come from Kanye’s penis!