Christina Aguilera Is Pregnant With Her Second Child!

The title really does say it all. Christina Aguilera is pregnant with her second child, which means her big ol’ boobies will just get even bigger.

It will be her first child with her fiance Matthew Rutler. The 33-year-old singer met Rutler back in 2010 while on the set of Burlesque. Rutler was a production assistant, and somehow managed to charm the panties right off Christina.

As we mentioned above, this will be her second child. She already has a 6-year-old named Max. She had Max with her ex-husband Jordan Bratman.


A source told PEOPLE the following…

“They’re very much in love and are really excited to take this next step!”

Of course they’re ready to take “this” to the next step! When they found out she was pregnant, they were probably like, “Oh, sh-t! This will look better if we’re married. Let’s get married.” But we all know how this is going to end. They’ll be divorced in three years. I guarantee it.

Anyway, Christina Aguilera is currently on her scheduled break from ‘The Voice‘ so we won’t get to watch her pregnancy play out on television. That’s a shame because she’s already crazy enough just by being herself. I can only imagine how crazy a pregnant Christina Aguilera is.