Kanye West Shocks The Arsenio Hall Show Audience With Surprise Performance (VIDEO)

Kanye West gave Arsenio Hall’s late-night show a much needed shot in the arm Thursday night. The 36-year-old rapper decided to make a surprise appearance on ‘The Arsenio Hall Show.’

People connected with the show claim they didn’t even know Kanye was showing up until an hour before the show! Kanye teamed up with Big Sean and Rick Ross to create one of the best performances on late-night television in a long time.

Arsenio introduced Rick Ross as the rapper “so gangster his beard has warrants.” He then mentions that some very special friends will be joining Ross on stage, but he doesn’t say anything more about them.

Check out the full video down below to watch Big Sean and Kanye West help Rick Ross perform his song, “Sanctified.”


Did you see how crazy that crowd went when Yeezy ran out on the stage? I’m pretty sure I saw reactions similar to when Oprah would give away all her favorite things.