Breaking News: Kesha Has Dropped The Dollar Sign From Her Name

The world might be ending soon, folks. The 27-year-old singer who was known only as, “Ke$ha” has dropped the famous dollar sign from her name.

It seems like rehab has completely changed Kesha, and we’re not exactly sure if we like it. As most of you know, the singer entered rehab back in January to treat an eating disorder. She was originally only supposed to be in the facility for a month, but she ended up extending her stay through February.

But now the controversial singer is back in Los Angeles, and she claims she’s “feeling healthy.” She told her Twitter followers the following a few days ago…


As you can see, the “$” is gone from her Twitter handle. In fact, she changed her Twitter handle completely. It was “Ke$haSuxx” and now it’s simply “KeshaRose”.

We’re not sure what this means for the future. Will we now see a more conservative Kesha? Is she done with making people extremely uncomfortable? If so, we’re going to really miss the old Ke$ha.

Of course, we are glad she got help for her condition. We’ll gladly sacrifice our entertainment for her good health.