Kristen Bell Opens Up About Scary Paparazzi Encounter

Kristen Bell has voiced her disdain for the paparazzi several times in the past. She’s been one of the leaders of the “no kids policy” which hopes to stop publications from publishing paparazzi shots of celebrity children taken without consent.

She wants to protect the kids of Hollywood who can’t protect themselves. And that was one of the reasons she stopped by HuffPost Live yesterday. Of course, she was also there to discuss her “Veronica Mars” movie, but most of the conversation was about the paparazzi.

The actress told the host about a scary encounter she just had with a photographer…


“First of all, they’re really rude and I don’t know where their mothers are. But I had a guy, just when I was leaving my interview before this, I was pulling into the garage, he was banging on the window and because I didn’t roll it down, he called me the C-word and he said, ‘I’m posting [at] your hotel,’ as a threat saying there’s going to be more people now following you all the time.”

Well, that was smart of the photographer. “I know how I’ll get her to roll down the window. I’ll call her a c–t!” What an idiot.

The 33-year-old also talked about protecting the kids from harassment.

“Right now, I feel like children need to be left out of it. It’s too much to rope them in, they’re babies, they don’t understand. You cannot be stalking 6-year-olds. To me, it’s consent. If a parent consents, that’s like signing a permission slip. Because I signed up to be an actress, I also signed up to be a parent and I take my role as a mother very seriously and you do not have permission to photograph my daughter.”

It’s hard to disagree with her. I mean, I don’t really remember a lot from when I was six, but I would imagine having strange men follow me around with cameras would have made me more f–ked up than I already am.