Alec Baldwin’s Wife Is Hot, Flexible And Posting Naughty Yoga Photos On Instagram

I’ve never had the desire to be Alec Baldwin before. He seems like an unpleasant man, and honestly, his brothers scare the sh-t out of me. But after seeing his wife’s yoga pictures on Instagram, I think I finally want to be Alec Baldwin…at least for a few minutes.

The 29-year-old yoga instructor told her Instagram followers back in January that one of her goals for 2014 is to post a yoga pose every single day.

We’re ashamed to admit we had no idea this glorious event was taking place. We can assure you that if we did know about it, we would have shared our experience a lot sooner than this.

What the hell, man? Just imagine walking in your bedroom and seeing your wife posing like that. You’d probably dial 911 thinking she was stuck or something.

But that’s not the only sexy pose she has posted on Instagram. Check out some of our favorites in the gallery down below…


It’s safe to say that Alec Baldwin is one lucky man. I was beginning to feel sorry for him because the paparazzi seems to love f–king with him, but now I don’t really care. He has a wonderful life and he should learn to just appreciate it.

So a few dudes with cameras follow you around every now and then, who cares? Just remember who is waiting on you when you get home.