A Closer Look At Justin Bieber’s Facebook History

You hear people say, “You are either going to hate ___ or love ___” all the damn time. And usually people are just exaggerating when they say that.  However, when you fill in the blanks with “Justin Bieber” it’s actually pretty accurate.

Ask someone about Justin Bieber and you can expect an over-the-top response.

A Bieber hater response…

A Belieber’s response…

As you can see, they appear to be similar. However, if you replace the dead guy in the background with a basket full of puppies, this GIF has an entirely different meaning.

The incredible amount of love and hate surrounding Bieber has helped him reach 64,268,652 likes on Facebook. Half of those likes are loves, and the other half are hates. Like we said, there isn’t a middle ground when it comes to Justin Bieber.


We all want to see what the little prick is posting on Facebook. He’ll post pictures, videos, songs and inspirational messages.


I don’t know about you, but this post was the only thing that made me get out of bed on March 22.


My Sunday was pretty sh–ty before he posted this message. I spent the rest of my Sunday helping old ladies cross the street and letting homeless people take showers inside my house.


And more importantly, Justin Bieber loves you.


Justin Bieber is changing the world, folks. One photo op at a time. If he really wanted to make a difference, he should have captioned the photo, “Like if you love adorable children, keep scrolling if you’re glad they have to walk ten miles to get water!


What a perfect way to end this post. How can anyone hate this beautiful creature? Hopefully we have helped you see who Justin Bieber truly is.

Don’t believe the dirty magazines. Justin Bieber is just a man trying to change the world one Facebook post at a time.