Does Naya Rivera Look Like Kim Kardashian? Or Does Kim Kardashian Look Like Naya Rivera?

We’re still not completely sure if Naya Rivera had breast implants put in, but we are sure that she looks exactly like Kim Kardashian.

They have the same facial expressions, the same clothes, the same skin, the same hair and their lips were made for sucking d–k. If you haven’t noticed the similarities between the two ladies, check out the photo down below.


Look at that! They look exactly alike. The only difference is Rivera is in better shape, but she hasn’t a kid, so that’s not really a fair comparison. However, Rivera also has talent, which Kim Kardashian certainly does not have.

But still, no one can deny they look like twins. Check out the photos down below for more proof.




Strange stuff. Sometimes I do wonder if there is some factory off the West Coast that produces celebrities. They have been in business for years now, and they’re starting to run out of original creations. That’s why we’re seeing so many sequels! There are no more original people in Hollywood, which means there are no more original ideas.

It makes sense to me. Who wants to rent a boat with me to go find this factory? I’ll bring the cereal bowls if you bring the Honeycombs.