Kendall Jenner Shows A Lot Of Skin In Ripped Jeans (PHOTOS)

Kendall Jenner was out doing Kardashian things in Los Angeles earlier this week, and she looked extremely hot while doing so. It’s safe to call her hot now, right? She’s been 18 for a few months, plus, I am still in my early 20s. I can still get away with calling an 18-year-old girl hot without it being creepy.

The pictures were snapped Tuesday afternoon. As you can see in the photos down below, the 18-year-old stepped out in a loose-fitting flannel crop top. She was also wearing severely ripped jeans.

Sources say she was leaving a salon in Los Angeles where she had been “getting pampered” all afternoon. The relaxing day was needed before she left for South Korea with her sisters on Wednesday.


Hopefully this wasn’t some 50-year-old father taking these photos. That would add an uncomfortable amount of creepiness into this situation. I mean, not enough to make me stop staring at the photos.

Just enough to make me feel bad about it.