Good Guy Channing Tatum Sends Virtual Kiss To Cancer Patient (VIDEO)

We love it when there is good news to report! Sure, we also love all the dirty gossip, but we need stories like this to remind us all that not everyone in Hollywood is evil.

Channing Tatum is one of the good guys. The 33-year-old actor made a special video for an 18-year-old girl by the name of Alisa Finley. The Kansas teen is currently in a fight with stage-four brain cancer. The teen girl has a Facebook support group called, “Alisa’s Butterflies” where she has listed her bucket list.

There are 48 things on the list, and the very first thing listed? Kiss Channing Tatum. Just like most girls her age, Finley has a big crush on the movie star.

Channing Tatum heard about this bucket list and made a very special video for Finley. Watch the touching video down below…


As you can see, she was showered with virtual kisses from Tatum. He also started singing Pharrell’s hit song “Happy” which was a nice surprise. Who knew he had such a good voice?

And while Alisa is thrilled Channing made the adorable video for her, she’s still not ready to fully cross “Kiss Channing Tatum” off her bucket list. The clever 18-year-old wrote, “Almost done” next to his name on the list.

Number 39 on her list was “have a guy sing to me” which has now been marked as complete. We’re not sure if that item was marked off before Channing serenaded her or not.