Zac Efron Relapse? Actor Involved In Strange Fight In Sketchy Area Of Los Angeles

Zac Efron is recovering at his house after being punched in the mouth by a group of men in a bad area of downtown Los Angeles.

The strange incident happened early Sunday morning. Law enforcement sources tell TMZ they were on patrol under the Harbor Freeway when they saw the 26-year-old actor and his bodyguard involved in a fight with a group of men.

Cops stepped in and managed to break up the fight. After things calmed down, cops questioned Zac about the incident. He told police that he and his bodyguard had run out of gas. They were supposedly waiting on a tow truck to arrive. While they were sitting in the car waiting, one of them threw a bottle out of the car.


The bottle landed next to a group of men. They then approached his car because they believed the bottle was thrown at them. That’s when two of the dudes attacked the bodyguard. Zac jumped out of the car to help him, but was punched in the mouth before he could do anything.

“It was the hardest I’ve ever been hit in my life” He allegedly told police. A source claims the actor was intoxicated. No one was arrested because cops viewed it as “mutual combat.”

This is certainly suspicious. The area he was in is known for drugs and violence. As you may remember, Zac had to enter rehab twice last year for cocaine abuse. He also “slipped” and broke his jaw back in November.

We’re beginning to think there was more to that mysterious slip. It certainly sounds like Zac Efron might need to enter rehab again. The last thing he wants to do is permanently mess up that purdy face of his.