David Letterman Will Retire Next Year, Who Will Take His Place? (VIDEO)

Are you surprised? David Letterman’s audience last night sure was. The 66-year-old host of “The Late Show” shocked everyone last night when he announced he would be retiring in 2015.

His contract will expire next year, and he has no plans of extending it. With Jimmy Fallon now replacing Jay Leno and Jimmy Kimmel on ABC, it’s apparent that Letterman is the old guy in a late-night war that’s rapidly changing with the times.

Letterman told his audience the following…

“I just want to reiterate my thanks for the support from the network, all of the people who have worked here, all of the people in the theater, all the people on the staff, everybody at home, thank you very much. What this means now, is that Paul and I can be married.”

You can watch video of his announcement down below…


After a few hours of, “What?! Noooo! Don’t leave!” from users on social media. The discussion has now shifted to figuring out who will replace David Letterman. It’s like we’re about to enter a candy shop, and our mother has told us that we can have any piece of candy we want.

Some people believe Jimmy Kimmel might replace David Letterman. He currently works for ABC, but he’s already said he would be open to leaving.

“I am loyal to ABC and grateful to them for giving me a shot. I was a guy from ‘The Man Show’ when they put me on. I’m not looking to flee. But just getting a call from Dave would be big for me. So it’s definitely something I would listen to.”

There is also Chelsea Handler, Conan O’Brien and even Ryan Seacrest’s name has been tossed around. And of course, people have mentioned Craig Ferguson, who currently follows David Letterman on CBS. However, Craig Ferguson’s ratings having been declining lately, so the experts don’t believe he’s a likely candidate.

Personally, I’d love to see Craig Ferguson replace Letterman. Ferguson has been my favorite late-night talk show host for several years now. When you watch his show, you don’t feel like you’re watching a late-night show. You feel like you’re watching some dude with a flamboyant skeleton talk about life with famous people.

But honestly, I don’t think his style would work in the earlier time slot. People just don’t seem to “get” his sense of humor, which is a shame. In order to please America, Craig would have to completely change his show. That’s not something I see him doing.

Who do you think should replace Letterman?