Kim Kardashian Shows Off Her Famous Turd Cutter In Thong Bikini (PHOTOS)

Oh, Kim. This racy photo shoot will not make Kanye West’s job any easier. How will he ever convince Bruce Springsteen that there actually is some class deep inside that a**?

The 33-year-old mother got nasty in Thailand. As you can see in the photos down below, Kim Kardashian posed in front of the cameras in a thong bikini. It’s possible it could just be a regular bikini that was swallowed up by her bootay, but we can’t confirm that.

We’re not sure what the photo shoot was for. Maybe an early wedding present for Kanye West? Something he can enjoy while he’s out on tour, and Kim Kardashian is back at home watching their nanny take care of North West.


It’s clear Kim is proud of her recent 50-pound weight loss. Staying away from pasta is clearly working for the reality star. We are sure there will be thousands of dudes jerking it to these photos tonight.

I am proud to say that I will not be one of them. ‘Dat a** is just a little too big for me. I’m certainly not calling her fat, I am just admitting that I couldn’t handle that thing.

What if it attacked me while I was sleeping? My family would never find my body.