Debbie Rowe Is Preparing To Fight For Michael Jackson’s Kids

It looks like the Jackson family will have to suffer through another battle in court. According to TMZ sources, Debbie Rowe is preparing to fight for Michael Jackson’s kids in court.

She wants guardianship of the two kids she had with Michael, and she’s even willing to take in all three children. Sources claim she wants the children because she feels that Katherine Jackson is too old to properly take care of them and connect with them as their guardian.

Debbie Rowe is also concerned with how often Michael’s brothers hang out at the Calabasas home. She feels they are a horrible influence on the kids, and does not want them hanging around the children. Apparently, Prince has developed a potty mouth, and a bad attitude because no one is there to punish him for his behavior.


She’s also worried about Paris, especially after her suicide attempt. Rowe hasn’t seen any major improvements with Paris. She is concerned that she might try to harm herself again.

As for 12-year-old Blanket? Well, Debbie is worried about Blanket the most. Since Blanket is the youngest child, she feels he is the most vulnerable. As we said earlier in the post, she would be happy to take him in as well.

TMZ  says Rowe will file legal docs asking the judge to make her guardian so she can move all three children to her spacious ranch in Palmdale, California.

We’ll keep you updated…