Nick Cannon Shares Old Easter Photo Of Mariah Carey Using Him As Furniture

Nick Cannon continues to prove that Mariah Carey wears the dildo in the family. The 33-year-old entertainer celebrated Easter yesterday by posting a throwback photo on his Instagram account.

The photo, which you can see down below, first hit the internet last year on Easter. Mariah Carey posted it back in 2013. At the time, she wrote, “Happy Easter dahhlings…I finally caught the Easter Bunny.”


That has to be the worst Easter Bunny costume I have ever seen in my life. Hopefully there weren’t any kids around when they snapped this horrifying photo.


Miley Cyrus also posted a horrible Easter photo yesterday. She posted the picture you see down below with the short caption, “Easter X 4/20”


What the Peep? Those people in the sky must be regretting their decision right about now. Jesus must be like…

Probably trying to come back right now and kill us all. All his friends trying to hold him back.