Did Ben Affleck Really Get Kicked Out Of Casino For Counting Cards?

We all know Ben Affleck loves to gamble, and if we had as much money as he does, we would probably enjoy it just as much. However, a new report claims the 41-year-old actor was banned from the Hard Rock Casino in Las Vegas after security guards caught him counting cards.

TMZ sources claim the actor was playing blackjack at a high rollers’ table when security guards swarmed him. “You are too good.” The guards allegedly told him.


It was then reported that Ben Affleck had been banned for life from playing blackjack at the Hard Rock Casino. But according to the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, they have no problems with Mr. Affleck.

“Mr. Affleck, a valued guest of Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, is not banned from our property and is welcome back any time.”


Interesting. We all know something happened in the casino. A story like this doesn’t just come out of nowhere. We’re sure this isn’t the last time we hear about this story.

It’s not like counting cards is illegal or anything. Casinos just don’t like you doing it. It’s like having cookies before you eat dinner. Is it illegal? Of course not! But your parents will probably spank your a** for doing it.

Oh wait, spanking is frowned upon now. Your parents wouldn’t spank you. They would just take away your iPad for a week, forgetting that you also have an iPhone and a laptop.

That will teach you to never eat cookies before dinner again!