Taylor Swift And Selena Gomez Prove They Are Still Best Friends, Dance Together On Instagram (VIDEO)

We knew those RadarOnline reports were false! Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift will be best friends for life, and they proved that at the Met Gala yesterday.

Swift and Gomez spent most of the day together. They laughed, talked and even danced together. Selena Gomez posted the video you see down below to her Instagram account earlier today.

“And during.. sometimes you wanna just be you with someone who knows all your secrets.” She wrote.


How adorable! They were probably the cutest couple at the Gala. With all their trouble with guys, maybe they should seriously consider becoming lesbians. It wouldn’t hurt to try, right? I mean, Selena Gomez already dipped her toes in the water with Justin Bieber.

You are not fooling anyone, Selena. Just try things out with Taylor, film a few sex tapes and then see how things are after that. If things don’t work out, at least you can say you tried.