Lawsuit Filed Against Porsche After Paul Walker’s Deadly Crash

You knew it was coming, folks. Kristine Rodas, the widow of Roger Rodas, claims the Porsche Roger and Paul were driving in was basically death on wheels.

Kristine filed the lawsuit yesterday, and she is being backed by the popular Hollywood attorney, Mark Geragos. In the documents filed by Rodas, she claims that the Porsche Carrera GT Paul and Roger were driving in had a faulty part in the suspension. She says that is the only reason the car spun out of control.

She also blames the company for the car exploding on impact. According to Kristine, the Porsche didn’t have a proper crash cage and racing fuel cell. The documents state that the fuel cell is most common in race cars, and it prevents the fuel from igniting if there is a crash.


The bold claims don’t end there though. Kristine also accused Porsche of ignoring multiple fatal crashes that have occurred in the dangerous Carrera GT.

And even though she seems to make a compelling case, the facts are just not on her side. According to the documents she filed, Roger was only going 55 mph at the time of the crash. However, we know from the CHP investigation that the car reached speeds well above 80 mph.

The California Highway Patrol also noted during its investigation that there was no preexisting conditions in the vehicle that could have caused the crash.

It sounds like Kristine needs to…