Emily Blunt Explains How Breastfeeding Made Her Lose Weight After Giving Birth

Emily Blunt and John Krasinski just welcomed their baby daughter Hazel into the world back in February. The two stars have been pretty private regarding their little baby, but they are slowly starting to open up.

Just the other day, John shared the first photo of his daughter on his Twitter account. You can check out the adorable photo down below…

Hazel’s mother, Emily Blunt, was on The Ellen DeGeneres Show recently and she talked about how shocked she was with the amount of milk she was producing.


“I managed to produce a lot of milk. I don’t know why it helped me lose the weight. It would be amazing if people who aren’t pregnant could just breast-feed. I mean, it would serve everyone. It would help everyone out. I could have been the wet nurse in Medieval Times because I could have fed the village while they all went to work.”

That’s certainly an interesting way to describe it. I really want a tall glass of Emily Blunt’s breast milk right about now. I think I might even have some Oreos up in the cabinet.