Jordin Sparks Continues To Impress With More Bikini Photos!

Jordin Sparks has clearly been working hard to get that bangin’ bikini body this summer. You may remember last month when Jordin Sparks surprised us all at the opening of Tao Beach in Las Vegas.

The ‘American Idol‘ winner stole the show on the red carpet that day, and now the 24-year-old singer is turning heads again. She posted two bikini photos to her Instagram account yesterday.

“#orange4wendy My bathing suit top! I’m an Arizona girl through and through! I love the sun!! Safely, of course.” She captioned the picture you see down below…


Looking good, right? It looks like she’s even more toned than she was last month. Of course, it could just be the angle of the photo, and the way she is sitting.

Either way, she looks absolutely fabulous. It’s nice to see all her hard work paying off. As you all know, she lost over 50 lbs in just 18 months by working out and avoiding junk food.

She told Redbook the following…

“I never felt like I was suffering by eating less and exercising more. The key was finding exercises I enjoyed. If you don’t, you won’t stick with it.”

That’s actually really solid advice. And you can use that same advice for almost anything in life. The key to finding job success is to find a job that you actually enjoy doing.

The key to finding relationship success is finding a partner you actually enjoy doing…