NeNe Leakes Quitting “Real Housewives of Atlanta” Say It Ain’t So!

Fans of Real Housewives of Atlanta are freaking out over a message NeNe Leakes posted on her Twitter account yesterday. As most of you know, there have been rumors surrounding her departure for a while now.

According to Black Media Scoop, Leakes decided to quit because the producers of the show would not meet her unreasonable salary demands.

”Not only did she want a raise, but she wanted to have say on who she filmed with, and other crazy stuff.”

But none of that has been confirmed, so it’s still just speculation. However, this message she posted to her Twitter account might be a sign that she is ready to move on.



It is possible that she was just trying to inspire her Twitter followers. Not everything has to have a secret message behind it, especially not the stupid sh-t people post on Twitter.

But still, this could be her way of revealing she is done with RHOA. If she is quitting the reality show, it would certainly be some pretty big news. After all, she is the only remaining original cast member on the show.

This move will likely hurt the hardcore fans of the show more than it will NeNe. She is making a name for herself outside of Bravo by appearing on Glee, Celebrity Apprentice, Dancing with the Stars and The New Normal, which was recently cancelled.

We will keep you updated.