‘Basketball Wives’ Star Sundy Carter Arrested For DUI On Memorial Day

Sundy Carter celebrated those who died in active military service just like every other American. She got wasted! But unfortunately for her, she didn’t wait to sober up before driving home.

The 40-year-old star of VH1’s Basketball Wives was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving early Tuesday morning. The Glendale Police Department shared exclusive details with E! News.

Apparently, Carter was pulled over after crossing over a double yellow line just after midnight. Police stopped her, noticed she had been drinking and asked her to give them a breath sample. She agreed, and police say she blew a .18 percent, which is well above the .08 legal limit.


She was arrested and taken to jail, but she posted $10,000 bail a short time later. She has a court date scheduled for Thursday morning.

Carter is the ex-girlfriend of retired NBA player Larry Hughes. She officially joined the cast of Basketball Wives last season. The network still hasn’t decided if they will renew the show for another season.

Thankfully she didn’t kill anyone. It seems like these “celebrities” just don’t take drunk driving seriously. She could have easily smashed into another car. The cops did her a big favor by pulling her over.