Is Justin Bieber’s Career Over After Second Racist Video Is Released? (VIDEO)

Justin Bieber might have to retire sooner than he originally planned. As you all know (how could you not?) a second video was released yesterday. In the video, a 14-year-old Bieber talks about killing black people, joining the KKK and he says the N-word multiple times.

He’s actually singing his horribly racist version of his song, One Less Lonely Girl. He just decided to replace “girl” with n*****. You can watch the video down below, if you want. We suggest you just skip it. It’s incredibly offensive.

Again, the most disturbing part of the video is hearing the adults laugh their a** off in the background. What in the world were they thinking? Of course a 14-year-old boy is going to keep the joke going if he’s making adults laugh. He thought it was okay, because those adults in the room made him believe it was.


I’m not defending Justin Bieber. He was 14-years-old, he still should have known better. I said some pretty stupid sh-t when I was 14, but I also knew where the line was. It’s obvious Bieber doesn’t believe there is a line for him. He is above the line.

He has apologized for the video. TMZ claims when Usher found out about the videos, he made Bieber go in a room and watch historically racist videos “to drive home how hurtful these words can be.”

This whole situation is pretty bizarre. And the amount of people defending this dude is crazy! Yeah, he was young when he made these videos, but this just proves he has been douchebag his entire life! He has managed to f–k up again and again, but his fans and the media still want to defend him.

That might show more racism than these silly videos.