Bradley Cooper’s Meaty Thighs On Full Display In Hideous Pair Of Short Shorts (PHOTO)

Normally, I only post photos of women wearing incredibly short shorts. Why? Because I am a straight male, who enjoys seeing hot women participating in self-objectification.

But I do realize there are a lot of females who read this site. You all probably get tired of me drooling over all these bikini photos, so this is my apology to you all. Photos of Bradley Cooper wearing the shortest shorts I have ever seen in my life.

I don’t know. Is that even a turn-on for you ladies out there? It’s important to note that Bradley didn’t just decide to randomly walk out of the house like that. He’s dressed in this uniform for his role in the upcoming film, American Sniper.


Hopefully they didn’t make him bend over in those things. How is he even walking in them? They look so tight. I bet he’s going to have a terrible rash after they finish filming this movie.

Anyway, hopefully this makes up for all the bikini posts lately. Please forgive me. I will try to remain more neutral in the future.