Swirl Gone Wrong: Taye Diggs Opens Up About Divorce From Idina Menzel

Fans of Taye Diggs and Idina Menzel were devastated when the couple announced their split back in December of 2013. Everyone was rooting for the power couple, so when they announced the divorce, it was quite the shock to their group of fans.

And Taye Diggs admits he knew his fans would take it hard. In a new interview with Redbook, the 43-year-old actor revealed he knew the fan reaction would be extreme.

“I’d be lying if I said there weren’t times when I thought, ‘Oh, man, people are going to trip out [if we split].’ Maybe they thought it was cute that we met in Rent. There weren’t a lot of couples like us in the theater community—and I know there aren’t a lot of performers as talented as she is… and then you have the whole mixed [race] thing. It was easy for people to root for us.”


So, how are things going since the split? He admits it’s not easy.

“Right now, we’re still trying to figure out a lot of stuff because we’re on different coasts and our son is getting older.”

And unlike some fathers, Diggs loves to spend time with his son. He wants to have a special bond with his son, and he says his heart melts when he hears his son call him “Daddy.”

“The best is seeing the expression on his face when I pick him up from school—the way he says “Daddy” is unrivaled by anything.”

Isn’t that just the sweetest thing you’ve heard all day? He sounds like a wonderful father. It’s just a shame he and Menzel couldn’t work things out and stay together. I guess you just have to let it go sometimes…

…I’ll be leaving now.