Terry Crews Starting Trouble On “The View” Talks About How Children Need A Father (VIDEO)

What the heck was Terry Crews thinking? You never go on The View and defend men! He’s lucky he made it out of the studio alive last Friday during his guest hosting appearance.

The 45-year-old actor got into a pretty heated exchange with the ladies of the show over how important dads are. Crews had been taking some heat recently for making some “controversial” comments, explaining how there are “some things only a father can give you.”

Crews tried his best to explain himself, but of course Jenny McCarthy had to defend all the single mothers out there.

“I’m a single mother, and I can guarantee you I can give [her son] Evan every one of those things.”


And that started a huge argument. Whoopi started running her mouth, Sherri was all like, “LET ME GET IN ON THIS!” And Terry was probably thinking, “Why the f–k did I come on this show?”

Check out the full video down below…

How do people watch this show every morning? I couldn’t even have it on as background noise. I’d rather listen to Gilbert Gottfried talk about his bowel movements.

Anyway, I understand the point Crews was trying to make. Jenny McCarthy couldn’t understand it because she is a single mother, and she decided to take his comments personally. But honestly, who really cares what Jenny McCarthy thinks? This is the same woman who constantly contradicts herself about vaccinations. She spent years bashing them, and just recently realized how stupid she sounded.

So now she is trying to act as if she has been “pro-vaccine” for years.