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Carly Rae Jepsen Broke? The ‘Call Me Maybe’ Singer Spotted at a Pawn Shop.

Website Crazy Days and Nights reported that the one hit wonder was seen trying to hock a handbag in the city. If this is true, it’s pretty sad. After a failed attempt to pawn the bag, she ended up keeping the bag and giving them a piece of jewelry. CD&N states,

This very recent one hit wonder was in a NYC pawn shop yesterday trying to get money for a bag she paid $25K for. When the pawn shop said they don’t loan money on bags because they could be fake, the foreign born singer begged them to at least give her a couple of thousand. They said no so she eventually gave them a piece of jewelry to get the money she needed.

A quick look on her twitter and the last post she posted hinted that she was doing just fine. There is no discussion of the story and its validity and there has been nothing from her camp. [more…]



Jepsen actually placed third on Canadian Idol, which landed her a record deal. Call me Maybe was the first single from her 2nd Album. Bieber and Gomez heard the song on Canadian radio and tweeted it out, to their fans and the rest is history. She was then signed to School Boy Records which is owned by Bieber’s manager Scooter Braun and her net worth ballooned to $1 Million.

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Most of her money has been made through appearances on various shows and some live performances. She made a couple of television appearances as herself and for twelve weeks she played Ella in Rodgers & Hammerstein’s Cinderella.

Celebrity Net Worth has her still listed at $1 Million dollars, however paying $25K for a handbag will have you blowing through that million pretty damn quick! That’s only 40 handbags.
She is now working on her third album. She might need to put a rush on it!!