Phil Jackson and Jeanie Buss

Derek Jeter Hat tip Commercial will Leave you Feeling a Certain Kind of Way (video)

After the epic Beats By Dre, World Cup commercial I thought Nike was losing its crown in the “Athlete meets emotion” advertisement game.  Well with tonight being his last All Star game, and the official half way point to his final season, Nike’s Jordan brand released a commercial called “RE2PECT” to honor Derek Jeter and regain their advertising crown.

I don’t care, how you feel about the Yankees or New York, you have to feel a certain way about this commercial.  Jeter is a class act and this commercial is fitting of an athlete of his character. They just don’t make them like this anymore.

It’s all about the Derek Jeter hat tip and it starts with Red Sox pitcher Jon Lester.  The more I watch the spot, the more people are going to want to who are the people shown, so we have now answered the question: [more…]


Hat Tip

Jon Lester – Boston Red Sox Pitcher
Rob Thomson  – Yankees Third base Coach

Spike Lee – Film Maker
Rudy Giuliani – Former Mayer of New York
Reggie Jackson – Former Yankee Right Fielder
Billy Crystal – Actor
Carmelo Anthony – NBA Player (Knicks)
Tiger Woods – Golfer
Eric Koston  – Skateboarder
The Alchemist – Record Producer
Maya Moore – WNBA Player (Minnesota)
Action Bronson – Rapper
Phil Jackson – President of the Knicks

Jeannie Buss – President of the Lakers
Mets – Blurred to protect the innocent.
Jay-Z – Rapper
Mariano Rivera – Former Yankee pitcher
Andy Pettite – Former Yankees Pitcher
Joe Torre – Former Yankee Manager
Tino Martinez – Former Yankee First Baseman
Jorge Posada – Former Yankee Catcher
Derek Jeter’s Nephew?
Michael Jordan

The spot ends with Jordan tipping his hat and the crowd yelling Jeter’s name.  That has to make you feel a certain way.  Well Done Nike, Well done Jordan, Well done Jeter.