Kim Zolciak in a bikini

Kim Zolciak posts bikini shots on Instagram – Her plastic Surgeon is a GOD!

If you think she looks that good naturally, after giving birth to six kids including a set of twins…you are delusional.  I guarantee there was a nip or tuck somewhere.  I’m not saying it’s a bad thing to tuck and pull where needed, but her hashtags would lead you to think otherwise.

The two pics she posted are basically promotion for Beach Bunny Swimwear as well as her lame attempt to get thirsty-ass trolls to dole out compliments like your typical THOT.   Her message with the first photos was, [More…]

Obsessed with @beachbunnyswimwear took my boys swimming today! They missed daddy throwing them up in the air and when I attempted to do it … Well.. Let’s just say they didn’t go very far!! #nomakeup #natural,”

The second photo is even more annoying

“Another @beachbunnyswimwear I tried on today!!! Im obsessed with swimsuits! I won’t even tell u how many I own!! #beenthesamesizemyentirelife Even after 6 kids!! #grateful #curvalicious,”

In case you were wondering how long it took her to lose the weight from her twins – she had them on November 25, 2013.  That is 8 months and 4 days.  To get abs like that, curves like that, and a thigh gap, in that short period of time without some sort of diet while caring for 6 kids and filming a reality show – trust me when I say an anesthesiologist and a scalpel were heavily involved.


I’m not saying that this is the case…..however…..

Everything is a business in Hollywood.  People have to eat.  I remember when Kim was still on RHOA she was complaining that she wanted to get her boobs done and tummy tucked and that was before the last three kids! Not to mention, she is lazy and eats like crap.

Kim Z has 614K followers on Instagram, I’m sure that’s worth a few 1000’s bucks to Beach Bunny.  Every gossip blog is talking about them today and I even visited their website.  So if they are paying Kim Z, it’s money well spent.  Mission accomplished.


I was wondering because in some of the previews for their new show, he looks a little round, but I checked and he is indeed still with the Atlanta Falcons.  His current salary is $2.5 million and his net worth is hanging out around $3.5 million.

He’s going to need every cent of that because they just moved into a huge new house to accommodate their growing family.


I still don’t know what attracted him to Kim but he seems to be solid and they seem to be in love.

As far as men on The RHOA, Kroy is the best of the bunch.  So whatever Kim did to get him, and whatever she’s doing to keep him, she needs to keep doing.  I’m going to put my hate aside and congratulate them because regardless of her trailer trash ways, she’s got a good man, who makes a crap-ton of money and he’s happy.  I can not say that for any of the other RHOA.