The Extortion Plot Against Billionaire Jerry Jones: Sexy pictures and a Big Waste of Time!

I’m sure us running this story is not doing Jerry Jones any favors but at this point I don’t think he really cares.

In what appears to be an attempt to extort money from the Billionaire owner of the Dallas Cowboys, photographs were released with Jones in some very compromising positions.

Every description has the pictures as allegedly Jerry Jones implying some photo-shopping could have been done, but unless he has a twin brother, those are definitely him.

Jones, who has a net worth of 2.7 billion dollars has been married to the same woman “Gene” for 50 years. He is a self-proclaimed family man and all three of his adult children work for the Dallas Cowboys franchise. I was ready for this to be some big juicy scandal with women sprinkled throughout the US, fancy cars purchased for each mistress and trips to the Caribbean. Not quite. [more…]

Jerry Jones 2

Jerry Jones 1


For starters, these photos honestly, are not that bad. We have seen much much worse and they can actually be explained away. The kicker is the 20 page manifesto that came along with the photos.

The document is called “Uncovering the Truth” and it’s written by a man named Frank Hoover who says that he was not the one who leaked the photos. He is also straight up crazy. If you are expecting this Manifesto to be chock full of juicy goodness – think again. It’s the ranting of a lunatic.

When I say, he is crazy – I mean he honestly believes that he is the son of God.


I have embedded the document if you feel like giving yourself a headache. Quite frankly it’s this Hoover character explaining that he was working with a bunch of people on a Jamie Foxx charity event which somehow led to working with the same group of people selling bootleg Apple TV’s.

Wait…it gets weirder……

I guess Hoover has a thing for electronics and was able to supe-up the Apple TV’s to get unlimited paid streaming events and they started banking hard on the modified product. He then says things went south, and he got out of the business losing money and getting death threats in the process.

During the time that he spent working with these people, (all whom he reveals in the document along with their pictures and criminal records) he discovered that they had set up Jerry Jones and took the pictures that were released. They then proceeded to set up several meetings, including a meeting with TMZ in attempts to sell the photos and cash in. Hoover says he was trying his best to prevent this from happening. That’s really the end of the story. All he wants is to be friends with Jerry Jones.

After taking the half of the 20 pages to tell the story, he takes the last half to explain why he is the son of God and convince people that he is absolutely bat-shit crazy. If you are into numerology then you will be in heaven. If not – don’t you dare click on that manifesto. You are almost guaranteed to walk away dumber.

The Sins of Jerry Jones

At the end of the day, in light of Donald Sterling those pictures might as well be a kiss on the cheek.   In fact, I’d go as far as comparing it to a hand shake.

If you really want to bring JJ down, you need to do better than that. Much better.