BET And Karrueche Tran Apologize For Tasteless Joke About Blue Ivy (VIDEO)

The writers over at BET should be fired. Making stupid jokes about one of the most powerful toddlers in the world? They had to know this would backfire on them. And it did…in a big way.

BET sent Karrueche Tran on a suicide mission the other day. She made a special appearance on BET’s “106 & Park” earlier this week. During the show, Chris Brown’s puppet participated in a silly segment called, “Top Six Things Blue Ivy Thought About The VMAs.”

Tran stares at the camera and says, “I really did wake up like this because my parents never comb my hair [laughs] Sorry Blue!”

No, really! It happened! Check out the clip down below…


There are so many things wrong with this joke. The most important thing being you should never make fun of a two-year-old child. And if you do, you better make sure it’s the most hilarious joke you have ever heard in your life.

Karrueche Tran immediately apologized for the joke on her Twitter account. She released the following statement, claiming she was caught off-guard by the joke.

“I am a huge Beyonce fan and I love Blue Ivy. I apologize for the comment and wish I had a chance to review the revised script so that I could have avoided participating in that segment. I love that Blue is able to wear her natural hair. I laugh when I am nervous and when I registered what I had just said, I of course was taken aback.”

And it does look like she is telling the truth. Stephen G. Hill, President of Music Programming and Specials for BET Networks, released a series of tweets defending Tran.

“Last night on 106 & Park there was a stupid, unthoughtful joke made about a young child. We apologize publicly to the child’s parents (and have done so privately) and we have taken punitive actions with those responsible. It was very bad judgment and we will serve you much better in the future. Oh, and please don’t hate on Karrueche; it was NOT her fault. We also apologize to her for putting her in that position.”

Looks like they learned their lesson. Never mess with Queen Bey.