Miley Cyrus Takes It All Off For V Magazine, Gets Naughty With Stuffed Animals! (PHOTOS)

Ah, that crazy Miley Cyrus is at it again. The 21-year-old singer teamed up with V Magazine to create a strange photo shoot, featuring a nude Miley on a pile of stuffed animals.

The confusing photos were shot by Karl Lagerfeld, for V’s special Rebel Issue. Miley Cyrus shared the photo you see down below on her Instagram account.

Confused and slightly aroused? You are not alone. The magazine tried to explain the idea behind this Rebel Issue, but we think it just adds to the confusion. Click the “read more” link to check out their explanation, and see Miley Cyrus clothed in a furry bodysuit on the cover of the magazine.


V Magazine explains…

“V91 focuses on the art of rebellion. But before you think us punks or misfits, it should be noted that we’re not necessarily talking about that type of rebellion associated with being deliberately defiant or rowdy, but rather with the idea of taking ownership of one’s ideas and craft and not compromising even when difficult situations arise. Staying true to one’s self and one’s art, no matter what, takes courage and discipline, which is vital to any artist’s survival.”

So, does this mean that Miley Cyrus enjoys getting naked with stuffed animals? I am confused.

This is going to give me nightmares. And why do her eyes look dead in this photo? I haven’t been this terrified since I saw my 86-year-old neighbor checking the mail in his underwear.