Ms. Jackson Alleges Floyd Mayweather Choked Her and Held her at Gunpoint as she Goes After More Money!

In a week highlighted by Ray Rice’s video of his knock out punch to his wife, social media is uber sensitive to domestic abuse and this story could not come at a better time for Shantel Jackson. Ms. Jackson is the former fiancé of Floyd Mayweather. For Floyd, the timing could not be worse. We are just 4 days before his title defense with Marcos Maidana, a rematch to a fight where he seemingly had the most trouble of any fight in his illustrious undefeated career.


Court documents have been filed where Ms. Jackson goes into detail revealing the harsh treatment that she says she went through during the 8 years she dated Floyd. She claims that Floyd allegedly choked her, twisted her arm and even at times held her at gun point during arguments. She also says that he threatened to leak naked pictures of her that he had taken while she was asleep. [more…]

The court documents go into detail describing how Mayweather and Shantel Jackson met when she was just 21 years old, to how the boxer brought her a diamond ring worth $2,500,000. She says that she was lavished with substantial gifts and she stood by his side when he was jailed in 2012 for domestic abuse against an ex-girlfriend. The court documents explain that after he was released from prison he abused Ms. Jackson by twisting her arm and choking her when he forcibly took her phone in a jealous rage to look through it for texts and phone numbers. After the incident, Mayweather begged her to forgive him and promised that it would not happen again.


The remainder of the document goes into excruciating detail of an “on again off again” relationship where Mayweather showers Shantel with gifts, only to take them back during periods of intense disagreements. Mayweather would have her belongings removed from her place of residence and placed in storage. He would beg for her forgiveness and then send a private jet for her and woo her back into the relationship.

One argument describes Floyd with a gun pointed at Ms. Jackson

The boxer grabbed his fiancée, ‘bent her arm, restrained her and pointed a gun at her foot, asking: “Which toe do you want me to shoot?”’

The entire situation came to a head, when Ms. Jackson became pregnant with twins and for reasons that are still being debated, did not go through with the pregnancy. Floyd posted the ultrasound on social media and wrote:

‘the real reason me and Shantel Christine Jackson @MissJackson broke up was because she got an abortion and I’m totally against killing babies. She killed our twin babies.’


This was the last straw for Shantel and she claims that this was the ultimate humiliation and that this caused her great anguish. Floyd claims that she did not go through with the pregnancy because she was afraid of ruining her figure and posted the pics only after social media attacks were waged against him first.


Mayweather’s side is simple. It’s all “he said – she said”. He has as many pictures on social media of rapper Nelly with Ms. Jackson as she has of her aborted fetuses. They were not married and he owes her nothing. There are no police reports or restraining orders so she will have a hell of a time prosecuting Mayweather, not to mention he will literally have the best lawyers that money can buy.

Right now Floyd’s main focus is Saturday, September 13th and Marcos Maidana. He has the ability to compartmentalize and focus which is how he has been able to be so successful to date despite all the distractions in his personal life. Mayweather has 30 days to respond to the summons in which I’m sure he will take all 29 days, 23 hours and 59 minutes of. He will focus on winning his fight against Maidana and then focus on wining his fight against Shantel Jackson. This is not to say that he is not guilty it’s just a testament of the fighters undying need and will to win.

Not to mention, Shantel Jackson is simply a gold digger. She was controlled by money and possessions and she is after more money and possessions. She is with rapper Nelly for his money and if all of this costs her just some intense arguments and arm twisting, I doubt this will result in the millions she is seeking. At the end of the day, Floyd is a thug, a fighter, and an uneducated brawler. This is what he gets paid to be, and does well. To expect anything different is your fault not his.

As usual, my money is on Floyd.