Jason Derulo And Jordin Sparks Lose Their Spark, Reportedly Call It Quits!

As you can probably tell by the amazingly clever title, I have been waiting for this day for a long time. JAAAASON DERULO and Jordin Sparks reportedly started dating three years ago; however, they didn’t make their relationship public until early 2012.

Just last month, Derulo explained to E! News that he knew Jordin was special “pretty early on” in the relationship.

“I knew that [he wanted to be with her longterm] pretty early on. I felt that when I was in the hospital with my neck injury…I felt different…I felt like I needed her in my world.”

Probably because you needed help tying your shoes, Jason. Anyway, something apparently went down this month because they ended their relationship, and Jason confirmed this news during a phone interview with Big D. He didn’t want to talk about the breakup, but he did say they would still be friends.



“Yeah, everything is cool, man. It’s not a bad situation. You know, it’s not one of those kinda things.” He added. This confirms what the sources have been saying.

“They are both upset. It just wasn’t working out. It was a lot of travel and hard to work with their schedules.”

It seems like the schedule is always to blame, which is just a lame excuse. There are several celebrity couples and “regular” couples out there who travel a lot. They are still together. You know why? Because they are actually in love! When you are in love, a busy schedule isn’t going to make you say, “You know what? I just can’t do this anymore. We’re too busy.”

It’s going to make you say, “Damn. I can’t wait to get off this plane so I can make sweet love to the love of my life.” They were obviously not in love with each other. That’s cool. It happens. They’re both young and successful, they will be just fine.

Conspiracy Theory:  Jordin Sparks broke up with him because she was tired of him hearing him yell, “JAAAASON DERULO” before climaxing?