Nick Cannon Reveals huge Cover-Up Tattoo, Signifying the End of his Marriage with Mariah!

We were all wondering what Nick was going to do regarding that Gi-normous tattoo that he had on his back if he and Mariah ever split up. Well we finally got our answer. Monday the 33 year old was spotted in LA leaving the gym shirt-less exposing his back and his brand new Jesus piece. The cover up tat is HUGE as it needed to be in order to cover the “Mariah” that used to span the width of his entire back. Estimates say that the work must have taken upward of 10 hours to complete.


That wasn’t the only work that Nick got done at the Tattoo shop.  Solid Gallery One posted a pic of Cannon getting work done on his sleeve Tattoo.  It’s a cyborg forearm with Nicks Ncredible logo at the top center.

Nick’s new tattoo tells us one thing for sure – Stick a fork in them, Nick and Mariah are done.