Waka Flocka Fool! Waka arrested at Atlanta Airport for Firearm Possession

Juaquin Malphurs aka Waka Flocka Flame has been arrested in Atlanta’s airport. This fool tried to board a commercial flight with a hand gun in his carry on. Let me repeat that – He had a hand gun in his carry on.

You can’t bring a tube of tooth paste in your carry-on, you have to take off your shoes and the TSA agents damn near give you a prostate exam at the security gate and this fool tried to bring a hand gun on board a commercial flight!?!?

The 28 year old did not have a weapons permit and was charged with carrying a weapon in a prohibited place. Currently he is still being held in a Clayton County Jail with a court appearance scheduled for tomorrow (Saturday) morning.

To his defense, he was shot once during a robbery at a carwash in 2010, but that’s no excuse for bringing heat to the airport and putting in your carry-on.


TMZ says that Waka’s rep, Debra Antney (who is actually his mom) said that the entire thing was a mistake. She said that he grabbed his fiancé’s bag which had a gun in it. She tells the media,

they’re in the process of moving and all their stuff got mixed up in the move … which is how the gun ended up in the bag.

I don’t buy it, but I’m not the judge; if I was, I’d hit him with maximum penalties for telling me such a stupid-ass story. I’ll update this post in a few hours with the latest.

In the meantime, if you are wondering how one gets a name such as Waka Flocka Flame? Wonder no more.

If you think there is a deep meaning behind it, think again. Do you know how Fozzie from the Muppets says, “Waka, Waka Waka” after telling a joke. That’s it. His nephew used to call him Waka because of that and Gucci Mane called him “Flocka Flame” during a smoking session and a hip hop superstar was born.

We will keep you updated as Waka’s story develops.