Spanky Responds to Tyrese’s Video

Spanky Hayes Spoofs Tyrese’s Video Response with a Video of his Own; He Goes in Old School. (Video)

This video is going to make people feel a certain way. However if you grew up in the 90’s this is just the way we did it on the playground. Spanky’s 5 minute spoof is riddled with old school-yard style snaps.

If you missed Tyrese’s first video response and Spanky’s original video they both can be found here.

If I’m Tyrese, I’m taking this for exactly what it is: jokes. I would do as Jay-Z and Diddy do in these types of situations….nothing. If I did do anything it would be to reach out with an olive branch because clearly “Spanky” Hayes is not on Tyrese’s level. If you can produce an entire 5 minute video, referencing my career from my music to my movies then you are doing me a favor. Not to mention, he goes by the name “Spanky” for crying out loud. I wouldn’t give anyone named Spanky even five minutes of my brain cells.

This is just jokes and hopefully it’s the last we hear of this. Unfortunately for Spanky, it’s probably the last we hear of him as well.

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