Bizarre Video: Drake Throws Wad Of Money On The Ground, Storms Into Nightclub!

We all know Drake is emotional, but we didn’t think he would let his emotions come between him and his precious money. The 28-year-old rapper/singer/manager of feelings was celebrating his birthday at nightclub in Washington D.C. early Sunday morning. He appeared to have a great time while in the club, but something happened right after he left. In the video down below, Drake can be seen dropping a lot of money down on the ground and storming back into the nightclub. He was obviously angry about something. Check out the video down below, and then we’ll try to figure out what caused this.

According to some sources, Drake was upset because someone in his crew was punched during his birthday celebration. That’s what the sources are saying, but who knows what actually happened. The most important thing we can learn from this video is that we all need to start following angry rich people around. When I get really angry, I’ll maybe throw an empty water bottle or the TV remote. But when rich people get angry? They start throwing out cash money. How rich must you become before you’re comfortable being like, “Man, I don’t have any f–king milk to eat these Lucky Charms with. I am going to run outside and hurl thousands of dollars in the street.” What a life.