Kim Kardashian in a Super Bowl Commercial? We have a Sneak Peak. (Video)


It’s super bowl pre week and that means a preview of the commercials. For non-Superbowl fans these commercials are better than the game itself. T-Mobile has now taken the most talked about woman on the internet and put her in a commercial and then put that commercial on the internet.

I’m pretty sure what we are seeing is a sneak peak of the real version that is scheduled to air during the Superbowl, but it’s enough to give us the gist. The ad spot is promoting their unused data usage campaign and Kim’s is helping by promoting #KimsDataStash.

Not only is T-Mobile getting Kim but they are also getting her social media followers. She has 25 million on facebook, 28 Million on twitter, and 25 Million on Instagram. T-Mobile was already seeing the benefits as she sent out a tweet giving fans a heads up that a sneak peak of her ad would be premiering.

As for the commercial itself. Meh. In my opinion it’s decent but not Superbowl worthy. As she mentions, it’s just a sneak peak so maybe the full version will have something else for fans o non fans. Perhaps a Kanye appearance? Have a look at the 30 second preview below. What do you think?