31JAN2015 – 6

Whitney Houston’s daughter Bobbi Kristina in a Medically Induced Coma. Found just like her mother!

31JAN2015 - 7

They say reality is crazier than fiction but this is too crazy. I thought this was one of those internet hoaxes, but this story is absolutely true.

Just a little over a week before the anniversary of her mother’s death, Bobbi Kristina was found in a bath tub, unconscious by her husband Nick Gordon. The incident took place this morning at their home in Roswell Georgia.   Authorities say that Nick gave Bobbi Kristina CPR and called 911 round 10:23. Emergency services arrive shortly thereafter and took over.

Bobbi Kristina was then rushed to the hospital where she was placed in a medically induced coma in efforts to contain the reported swelling in her brain.

An official statement from the Roswell Police Department stated,


‘Her husband and a friend located her in a bath tub this morning and she was unresponsive.

‘He started CPR and a police officer took over life-saving measures until an ambulance arrived.’


Her current status is being reported as stable and she is currently in the ICU. Father, Bobby Brown is on his way to the North Fulton Hospital where she was transferred and is currently being cared for.


Right now nobody knows. Police are in the process of obtaining a search warrant so they can search the residence. It was also noted that the police were called to the residence on January 23rd after a ‘reported fight’. The officers dispatched to the incident found no evidence so they left.

For me that screams of some type of shenanigans. I have argued with many a girlfriend over the years and the police have never, ever been called. That must have been some helluva disagreement. Now just one week later she is unconscious in the tub. Somehow I don’t think this was a simple slip and fall. You know me….I’m all over this. We will keep you posted on our facebook page as the investigation continues!