Leonardo DiCaprio And Rihanna Finally Photographed Together, Romance Rumors Keep Coming!

Is this really happening? Possibly. A little over a month ago, we told you all about the romance rumors surrounding Rihanna and Leonardo DiCaprio. They have been seen together at several parties and witnesses claim they were all over each other during these parties.

But until yesterday, we didn’t have any photo evidence. And while we still don’t have photos of them getting “freaky” we do have a photo of them standing next to each other at RiRi’s birthday party last month.

Check out the photo down below…

Why are these photos always grainy like pictures of Bigfoot? We have no idea, but you can tell those two figures are Rihanna and Leonardo, and they appear to be getting high together.

Sources at the party claim Rihanna and Leo were kissing and dancing all night; however, I am still having trouble believing this. Why wouldn’t the person who took the photo above wait until they were in the middle of a make out session? I mean, you have all these eyewitnesses, and not one of them pulled out their camera to take some photos of this kissing and touching? Seems a little strange to me.

Anyway, these magical sources also claim Rihanna is the clingy one in the relationship. She reportedly follows him around and never wants to leave his side, which is another rumor I find hard to believe.

What do you think? Do you believe the rumors?

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