Eva Mendes Explains How Avoiding Sweatpants Makes Ryan Gosling A Very Happy Man

Ask almost every woman about Eva Mendes and they will say something like, “OMG! That’s the woman dating Ryan Gosling, right? She is so f–king lucky!” And then you can ask almost every man about Ryan Gosling and they will say something like, “OMG! That’s the dude dating Eva Mendes, right? He is so f–king lucky!”

Basically what I am trying to say is that Eva and Ryan could be the most attractive couple in the world. And as most of you know, they just had a baby girl together. Their daughter, Esmeralda, was born in September of last year, and one might think that caring for a baby has removed some spice from their relationship.

But during an interview with Extra, she revealed how things stay fresh and exciting at home.

You can’t do sweatpants… ladies, number one cause of divorce in America, sweatpants, no!

We know there are some ladies out there saying, “What? Ryan Gosling can’t accept his lady in sweatpants? What a douche!”  But I don’t think that’s what Mendes meant by her comment. We are sure Mr. Gosling has had to clean their toilet after Eva Mendes destroyed it thanks to one of those nasty stomach bugs. He doesn’t seem like one of those dudes who believes every woman must look flawless 24/7.

I think what she meant by the sweatpants comment is that you shouldn’t just let yourself go after reeling in your special fish. A relationship is work, and wearing sweatpants to bed every night means you are no longer passionate about your work.

Anyway, the new mother also talked to Women’s Health Magazine, and explained the secrets behind her fitness and diet plan.

I realized a long time ago that I needed to have some kind of routine. I don’t love it, but I’ve made peace with that. I haven’t eaten meat in about six years, because I don’t agree with factory farming here. This is just what worked for me, it’s important to say, but when I cut that out I immediately felt better. And also, after a year of eliminating it, my skin looked brighter and healthier overall.

No meat. No sweatpants. No problem.