Check Out Chris Brown’s Adorable Photo With His Daughter Royalty


Chris Brown? Adorable? Those two things don’t go together! Chris Brown is a monster! Oh wait, what’s that? People can change? People make mistakes? Oh, right! We forgot about that.

Put down the bottle of Chris Brown Haterade. It looks like being a father is truly making the 25-year-old singer a better person. Earlier this week, he decided to introduce his daughter Royalty to the world for the first time. He posted two photos of his daughter to his Instagram account, and the one you see below just might be the most adorable photo of the week.

He captioned the photo, “God has blessed me with my twin #ROYALTY.”


How could anyone hate on this photo? It’s clear Brown is ready to step up and be there for his daughter. This comes after reports claiming the boyfriend of the mother, Nia Guzman, was taking over as Royalty’s father. But it’s obvious Chris Brown is not going to let that happen.

Hopefully there isn’t a lot of drama between Brown, Nia and her boyfriend. If everyone continues to focus on that adorable baby girl, then everything should work out for the new family.

A few days ago, Brown sent out the following message…

Every step I take will only be to greatness. Learning myself everyday and striving to make a difference. Thriving not surviving. I can’t make anyone love me or like me but for the people who do, you are highly appreciated and valued. I wanna grow into a great man and take care of my family. In order for me to change the world I have to change my mentality.

Don’t let us down, Chris! Well, more importantly, don’t let her down.