Christina Aguilera Impersonates Several Pop Stars In Hilarious Promo For ‘The Voice’


You know this video must be hilarious if I am sharing it. I try to stay away from all things The Voice. As a fan of American Idol, I believe supporting The Voice would be like cheating on a partner you’ve had for over 10 years.

But unfortunately, I will be sleeping with the devil today. Christina Aguilera and The Voice production team released a hilarious digital promo yesterday. In the video you see below, Aguilera shows off some serious skills with several hilarious impressions.

She does Britney Spears, Cher, Miley Cyrus, Sia, Lady Gaga, and even Shakira. Not only does she have the voices down, but she even nailed down the unique body language of each celebrity.



That was wonderful. I mean, we have seen her do a spot-on impression of Britney Spears before, but it was just of her singing voice. In this video, Christina proves she can really do it all.

I am impressed.