Stephen Colbert Sticks A Fork In His Majestic Beard, Both Literally And Figuratively (VIDEO)

Still depressed over David Letterman leaving the Late Show? We understand. He was one of the greats, but don’t give up on late night television just yet. Stephen Colbert is coming and he’s going to fill your bedroom with laughter once again.

In the first promo for CBS Late Show with Stephen Colbert, the 51-year-old host showed off the Colbeard. He has apparently been growing it out since leaving his show on Comedy Central. And even though he’s clearly in love with the thing taking over his face, he realizes he must shave it before his official Late Show debut.

The hilarious video below shows Colbert trying out several characters as he slowly removes the beard. You have the half Wolverine, the un-Hitler, and of course the final fresh-faced version of Colbert.

Check it out. Hopefully you aren’t eating a hot dog right now.


You can follow the show’s Twitter account to receive more updates. Colbert’s first show on CBS is scheduled to air Sept. 8.