Katt Williams And Suge Knight Are Being Sued By Female Photographer For Assault and Battery

Another day, another lawsuit for Suge Knight, but at least this time he won’t be going to court alone. Comedian Katt Williams is also included in the lawsuit, which was filed by a female photographer named Leslie Redden.

Redden was shooting video of Knight and Williams back in September of last year outside the FilmOn Studios in Beverly Hills. Things got heated real quick when Knight called Leslie a bitch and accused her of taking photos of his young son.

TMZ actually has video of the altercation, you can check it out below…



As you can see, Suge Knight clearly threatened her in the video, telling her that he had “a bitch to come beat your motherf–ing ass.” And that’s apparently what happened. It’s also where Katt Williams enters the picture. No, Mr. Williams wasn’t the bitch in question, even though he sounds exactly like one.

According to Leslie, the woman who eventually beat her ass was Katt’s girlfriend. She claims his girlfriend knocked her down to the ground, and stole her camera while Katt watched and cheered his girlfriend on. Leslie says she suffered a few minor injuries, and she’s suing Knight and Williams for assault.

This lawsuit comes just one day after the widow of Terry Carter (the man Knight fatally ran over back in January) filed a wrongful death lawsuit that named Ice Cube, Dr. Dre, Universal Studios and Knight as defendants.

Not a good year life for Suge.