Find Out What Harry Connick Jr. Told Jax After Her Controversial ‘American Idol’ Elimination

American Idol made the ‘Jax Pack’ extremely angry when their favorite contestant Jax was eliminated from the show; however, it wasn’t just because their favorite no longer had a chance to win the competition. People were upset with how Idol handled the shocking elimination.

Jax was a top 3 finalist, and she had some of the most passionate fans the show has ever seen, so you would think Idol would give her a chance to say goodbye after being eliminated. Maybe even sing one last song, you know? The same way they handled every important elimination in the past.

But for the first time in Idol history, producers decided to announce the bad news in the first few seconds of the show. Jax was then rushed off stage without an opportunity to say goodbye to all her fans. It was a pretty lousy move by Idol, especially when you consider the fact that she was a top 3 finalist!

In a new interview with MyCentralJersey.com, Jax explained how upset she was that night…

I was, of course, upset that I was cut, but I needed to have closure. I’m such a huge advocate for closure. And this was the hugest moment of my life. Obviously I worked hard and I felt like I deserved a moment to say goodbye but really everyone else worked harder than me. Seriously, there were sleepless nights of fans on Twitter, some people paid to come out there. I was hurt. I was so heartbroken, but it wasn’t even for me. The fact that I got cut didn’t even hurt as much as the fact that I couldn’t thank everybody.

Even American Idol judge Harry Connick Jr. disagreed with how things played out. He actually came to see Jax in her dressing room after the show…

He was angry at the show He said that it was inhumane. He said ‘I don’t take any credit for that. I was not behind that. I had no idea that’s how they were going to do that.’

What a nice dude. This is why I still believe he’s one of the best judges Idol has ever had. It’s just a shame he didn’t join the show before the ratings started to drop.